Wholesale/Retail Sales

Croagh Patrick Seafoods supply native Clew Bay oysters, Pacific oysters, mussels and clams to the wholesale and retail sectors. Delivery to the door is offered to local restaurants.

History of Eating Oysters

Oysters are part of our culinary history and have been an important element of the human diet since the Stone Age and are found in fossils from that period.  Huge oyster middens or piles of discarded shells from the Bronze Age have been found around Ireland. They were eaten as a delicacy for the wealthy in Greek and Roman empires featuring in beautiful mosaics which still survive. The 18th and 19th centuries were known as the Golden Age of Oysters as oyster production surged and prices dropped. Suddenly oysters were found on the dinner tables of all classes and became a standard food in pies, stews or raw. Over fishing had a big impact on stocks but today oyster eating is making a comeback and people are rediscovering this delicious bivalve.


A daily harvesting from Grade A oyster beds ensures freshness and a “shore to door” delivery.


A daily harvesting ensures freshness and a “shore to door” delivery.


Locally sourced and harvested, shore to door service.